Common Premed Questions When Applying to Medical School
Last edited August 26, 2001

Please remember that the following answers are just my opinions. I've received a number of specific questions that pertain to many people, and this is an attempt to help as many people out as possible. All posted e-mails will have confidential and identifying information removed. If you don't want your e-mail posted, please let me know at the time you ask the question. Also realise that I am extremely busy, and will become more so as medical school progresses, so you may not receieve a reply for several weeks. Emailed questions can be sent to:

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Subject: Applying as an American student to Canadian Medical Schools
Jul 15, 2000
Ihave a BSc in Nursing and I am an RN. Currently back in school doing the prereqs for med school. I'm doing Organic part II and Physics II here in the States. Here comes the big question: My GPA from UofT is not a competitive one...however, my prereq GPA is competitive (considering I just got a 4.0/4.0 on Organic I). So, with that in mind, do I even have a shot making the first cut? Also, I'm scared of writing the MCAT as usual... Reply

Subject: Applying to Medical School as a Mother?
Jul 12, 2000
I have been looking at all the necessary fields for the academic requirement to attend medical school which has always been an interest and a dream of mine. However, as unfortunate as it may be instead of finishing high school I went ahead and got my G.E.D. instead. Even though now I am going to attend college, I am afraid to attempt to go for my particular fields of interest, and perhaps just stick with something a little more reasonable for myself being a mother and all. My question for you is if I were to attempt to get a B.S. in biology to try to attend med school would I be wasting my time or would it be worth the shot. I know I have what it takes but anyways. Reply

Subject: Applying to Medical School as
Jul 11, 2000
I am a engineering graduate from India, I want to change my profession to Medicine which can't be done in India. If its possible to do medicine there, what is the qualification required. Is there any entrance examination? Now my age is 26. How about admission of foreign students kindly inform me if there is any possibilty of doing medical courses there. Reply

Subject: Taking less than a full courseload?
Jul 6, 2000
I'm going into my third year at Waterloo in September, and I've been hearing that most med schools like you to take a full five courses at university. However, I've been taking a couple courses during the summer to take one less course during the fall and winter (my regular time). Will this affect my chances of admission? Reply

Subject: Applying to Medicine after Nursing
Jul 5, 2000
I have a question.... This is a little bit of a crazy question, but I need to ask it. I have been to a French system High school, have not been to Cegep and am finishing a bachelor's in nursing. My average in High school sucked because I didn't study, and my average in Nursing is so so because I didn't know how to study (I have around 80%). I am wondering if it is worth even trying to get into med school, or if it is just money wasted on a futile quest.... Reply

Subject: Necessity of Studying Physics/Calculus for the MCAT
Jul 4, 2000
I am entering my first year at McMaster University and I am trying to choose my electives. I only have 6 units (one full course) of electives. I am debating about whether or not to take physics and calculus over a humanities course. The only thing stopping me from taking the humanities course is that I just visited your web page and you mentioned that physics and calculus are on the MCAT. I was wondering if physics and calculus questions make up a large part of the exam, or if I could get by without them? Reply

Subject: Selecting Electives as an MCAT Aid?
Jul 3, 2000
I have stumbled upon your website recently, and have an interesting question for you. It seems to me that the writing sample of the MCAT has quite a political slant. Would you advise taking a introductory political science course prior to attempting the MCAT? Also, how much information on the exam consists of information pertaining to Biochemistry? I may not be able to take the course before I write the MCAT and am wondering if this will be a major stumbling block for me. Reply

Subject: Applying to Residencies as an International Medical Graduate
Jun 30, 2000
I am interested in pursuing higher studies (post graduation) in Canada; can you help me by providing information regarding how to go about it. My qualification is MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine) with completed 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship. Right now I'm in India. Reply

Subject: Applying as a Canadian student to American Medical Schools
Jun 30, 2000
After my second year of university, I was hoping to apply to the United States' medical schools as well as Canadian ones. But I haven't been able to find any information as to what extra hurdles there are to jump. Your help would be much appreciated. Reply

Subject: Applying to Canadian Medical Schools as International Students
Jun 30, 2000
I am a mother of 2 boys who are currently studying their Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology. We have plans to migrate in Canada, by the way we live in the Philippines. And to what course can they enter to be able to proceed medicine? Reply

Subject: Nursing degree as a Pre-medicine degree?
Jun 19, 2000
Hello, I'm a college student in Alberta. I am currently deciding what to take as an undergraduate degree in college/university. I have perhaps arrived at the final decision to spend the extra two years of pre med and take a 4 yr. BSc. nursing degree in between. My logic behind this is (a) what better way to get clinical experience, (b) I can use my nursing (a field I feel I would quite enjoy) as a backup in case I do not get into medical school right away and (c) I am confident I would have better chances of getting a job with a nursing degree over many other BSc degrees. I would really appreciate your views on this issue. Reply

Subject: Who should I ask for Letters of Reference?
Jun 19, 2000
I am a Queens student interested in medicine. You mentioned, in your webpage, that letters of recommendation are probably what the admissions committee will focus on when determining which candidates to choose. I made a list of possible referees, but am hesitant as to which one I should choose. I wish to also apply to the United States at the end of my third year (if all my Canadian universities flunk) so I do not want to use my really "kick-ass" referees. I am working in a lab right now and have several people to choose, ranging from the lab technician/research assistant to my supervisor. My question is how did you choose which referees when you applied? Reply

Subject: High School students interested in Medicine
Jun 19, 2000
I am currently a high school student who is very interested in a career as a medical doctor. This is something that I have felt my entire life. I can only see my future in the medical profession, continually helping and caring for people. I, however, am pretty unfamiliar with the preparations that I may need to be following. Do you have any suggestions about books or other references that might be beneficial for me to read, and give me a better understanding as a begin to choose a college. Reply

Subject: What is your opinion of UBC Medicine?
Jun 18, 2000
I am currently a UBC student who would like to do medicine and am deciding on universities. I have heard from a couple of students and professors alike that UBC is not a goodplace to go to med school right now because of the switch-over of the system, funding cuts etc. For example I heard that anatomy (cadaver) labs had been cut down.
Do you feel that the growing pains are a real disadvantage to you? Do you at all feel you're being denied a fully comprehensive medical education (or that you will be at a disadvantage compared with students from other med schools)? What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Reply

Subject: Applying for Canadian NSERC Scholarships?
Jun 18, 2000
How do you apply for NSERC scholarships? Reply

Subject: Possibility of being Accepted?
Jun 18, 2000
I'm a UBC student that wants to become a doctor, but my marks and my lack of confidence seem to be aiding in me giving up my dream. I know I may have to do my Master's or go down to the States but do I even have a chance at getting in UBC med or another Canadian university after my degree if my marks consistently improve? They are currently between B- and B+. I also have a W? Another thing too, I have to do a summer course next summer in May to beginning of June. As I am not a very strong student I need to focus on that course. As my Prereq average is low 70's will June to August be enough prep time for MCAT? Reply

Subject: Special Circumstances: Do Med Schools care?
Jun 17, 2000
First of all I'm a U of Toronto student, and wanted to ask you to outline the whole process of applying to med school? For example the time frames. My other concern is that I had to withdraw from my courses due to extreme personal circumstances. I was just wondering can you give me some advice as to how medical schools look at and evaluate this kind of situation? Do they take these kind of situations into account when looking at my GPA for the first two years and why I had to withdraw? Reply

Subject: Switching from Nursing to Medicine?
Jun 16, 2000
I am entering my fourth year as a Canadian nursing student. Do they look at the experience of the person applying? How much influence will the MCAT have? Nursing is not what I want to do with my life. I have always wanted to be a doctor and now I realize that I might have a chance. Reply

Subject: Applying as an American student to Canadian Medical Schools
Jun 16, 2000
I'm currently attending Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. I would be very grateful if you could kindly give me an overview of applying to med schools in Canada. Reply

Subject: GPA conversion from an Ivy-league school
Jun 15, 2000
I'm a Canadian resident who has returned to Canada after graduating from an Ivy-league American university. Unfortunately, I received no interviews applying to Canadian medical schools this year. My GPA is 3.65 and my MCAT score was in the range of 28-30. When you look at my pre-req average, however, it's quite low. I wanted to know how do I raise that pre-req average since I cannot necessarily retake those classes...

Moreover, my next related question is somewhat "problematic." You mention on your webpage that you attended UVic because of the better chances to do well. Well, in a way I guess I attended a school that does the opposite. Graduates coming from our school are more likely to have lower GPA's than other US schools. When they apply to law or medical school, their GPA is multiplied to account for the difference in the school's rigor. Would it be appropriate to have my admissions counselor write a letter stating this? I don't want to appear like a pompous Ivy-league graduate but at the same time, I do think this is one aspect of my application that needs better translation. Reply

Subject: How many hours of volunteering are necessary?
Jun 15, 2000
I'm a student at McMaster University and I was wondering how much volunteer experience I should get. I have worked (for money) doing research but have yet to get any clinical experience. How many hours are they (the admissions' officers) really looking for? Can you suggest the ideal volunteer experience? Reply

Subject: UVic Biochemistry Major: Which electives?
Jun 15, 2000
I have recently stumbled upon your web-site. Oddly enough, I am attending UVic. I am taking a degree in Biochemistry and trying to decide on an elective:
1. I was wondering if you felt Genetics (Biol 230) was an important course to take in preparation for the MCAT as it is not a biochem requirement.
2. If I do take the Genetics course I am concerned because I know the prof puts out extremely hard exams and it might be difficult to attain a really decent mark in his course. With a Biochem courseload, I certainly don't want my elective dragging down my GPA as Biochem is quite challenging. Do you think this consideration is important?

Subject: How many schools to apply to?
Jun 15, 2000
I am a Chinese person now working in an US medical research laboratory. I got my Bachelor of Medicine in China and my M.Sc here in the US. I've also applied and been accepted for permanent residency in Canada. So, my question is, based on my background, how many schools I should apply for to ensure an acceptance. Of course, while I want to get into a medical school which is as good as possible, I also do not want to be rejected and end up with no place to go. Also, I do not want to apply to too many. The paper work and costs for interviews will be too much. For example, how difficult is it to get into UBC? Reply

Subject: Med school after Law? Any bias because of age?
Jun 13, 2000 (continuation of previous e-mail from Jun 13)
How necessary is third year biochem? The section of your site dealing with prereq's mentioned the others but not that one. Could make the difference between 2 and 3 years of prep if the others are prereq's for it. I did check the UBC site and it seems as though no courses are prereq's for med school, just three years of university study. That's why I asked - are all those courses mentioned simply to do well on the MCAT, or need they be on that transcript? If they don't have to be official, I could at least cut down on costs by not taking them for credit, and would have no fear regarding choice of institution where I take them. Finally, looking over your brief timeline, I wonder if schools might not grade against an older student, considering the shorter workspan available to the eventual graduate. Do you think this is the case? (I note in the UBC stats that the average first year med student is 23). Reply

Subject: Med School after Law School? And How?
Jun 13, 2000
I'm in law school and not looking forward to being a lawyer. I had always thought that similar to the year of arts required by law, one year of science was required by med schools to apply, minimum. Yet from your website it appears as though no courses are required, only advisable in order to learn enough to do well on the MCAT. I would certainly want to take the Physics and Bio regardless, but what is necessary and what isn't? Do the med schools care where they are taken - university or community college? Can you provide an example, ie: What is required for UBC Medicine? Reply

Subject: Writing MCAT without First-Year Physics?
Jun 13, 2000
I found this website really informative and would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to put it together. I also have a question about med school. I'm a student at the U of T who didn't take Physics in first year. Is it possible to study the subject independently and still do well on that section of the MCAT, or would it be better to do it before writing the test? Reply

Subject: Waiting Lists?
Jun 13, 2000
I was recently put on the wait list at a Canadian medical school. I was wondering if you knew anything about the wait list at *edited out* and if you could tell me roughly what my chances are. Reply

Subject: Med School after Three Years? Smaller University?
Jun 13, 2000
I would like to thank you for the time you put in your website, for it has made the "medschool application fury" much more clearer to me. I am an OAC (Ontario Academic Credits; basically grade 13) student in Northern Ontario who will be going to a smaller university and stduying biochemistry next year. Any opinions? Also:
#1) I read through your guest book and came across the "you can only apply to med school 3x, if you're rejected" how true is this?
#2) What are the chances of being accepted to med school before you finish your undergraduate degree, and if so, when do you do your MCAT?

Subject: Med School after Paramedicine?
Jun 12, 2000
I have a couple questions about my future, and med school and I really don't know who else to ask (the universities give me generic replies). Here goes: Shortly, I will have earned a two-year college diploma in Paramedicine and will be a certified Paramedic. But this isn't what I want to do with my life, I really want to become a doctor. What can I do? Were these 2 years a waste? Reply

Subject: Transferability of Med School Pre-requisites?
Jun 12, 2000
1. How valuable is work experience? Do they value it as much as volunteer experience?
2. Also, I'm at UBC, and I'm very concerned about something. I don't know if you're aware of this but UBC Med requires med applicants take only BIOL 120 if they got 80% or greater in grade 12 bio. Therefore I only took BIOL 120 (half year course), and I haven't taken a Bio course since then. I'm planning to apply to other schools in Canada and the United States and most if not all of those schools require that I take a full year of Bio with lab. Do you know if they will accept UBC's strange freshman Bio requirement?
3. Finally, would you take graduate courses if you were able to? Does UBC count graduate courses separately from your GPA? I'm planning on taking a couple graduate courses in my senior year, but if I don't do well in them will it affect my overall GPA?

Subject: Applying after third year? Co-op?
Jun 12, 2000
1. Do you think its worth trying (and spending the money) on applying after 3 yrs? 2. For how many times can I re-apply? Do they keep a record of the number of your applications and will it reduce the chance of admission? 3. Where can I apply for doctor-shadowing programs? 4. I am working as a volunteer in the hospital and museum at the moment. What other working experience do you suggest? 5. Does entering a co-op program help in admission? Reply

Subject: Selecting Referees for Reference Letters
Jun 12, 2000
I am a psychology major, but in my university it involves a lot biology courses. However, both of my research (which is in clinical psychology area) supervisors are doctors of psychology, and not MDs. Is it OK if they will write recommendation letters for me (for the medical school), or should I find some chemistry or biology professors? Reply

Subject: Chances of Admission?
Jun 11, 2000
I am a graduate student in speech language pathology. I thought this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life in being a speech pathologist. I picture myself a physician, helping others in need. I can do that as an SLP but not in the way I want. Well, I'm considering a post bacc. program. My undergrad gpa is a 3.1. Do I have any chance of achieving my goal? Reply

Subject: Non-Traditional Approach to Med School
Jun 11, 2000
I have almost completed an internship as a Market Analyst; I study Mining Engineering. Strange link you say? I guess that this alone indicates my quest to figure out what it is that I want to do for a living before I return to school for my Fourth Year. Earlier this year I had considered going the medical route. A number of my friends have completed, or are just starting Med. School in Ontario. Unfortunately, I do not have the background to enter but have done some exploring anyway. In this exploration I came across your web site and must say that it was tremendous help. As an aside, I would consider it too big a risk to drop my courses now and take these pre-requisites and not receive a University degree. Reply

Subject: Summer Research and Reference Letters
Jun 11, 2000
I would really like a job (volunteer or paid) that would allow me to expand my learning, like a job in a lab. So far, I've emailed some professors and my academic advisors. My academic advisor advised me to wait until the winter 2001 term to contact the optometry faculty about experience opportunities since they would have a better idea of the positions available to students then. I really would like to get some concrete ideas on what I can do next scholastic year and next summer. Also, I heard (I can't remember where) that I need a reference letter from a physician to apply to med school. Is this true? Reply

Subject: Applying after third year
Jun 11, 2000
Can you please help me with the following problems? 1. My program is a 4 yr one. Does it matter if I apply after I've finished my third year or do they prefer me to have finished 4 years? 2. For how long is the MCAT valid? 3. Is it worth trying apply for universities outside my province since they only accept a few from outside their province? Reply

Subject: Help with Autobiographical Essay
Jun 10, 2000
I just read your remarks about the personal essays for med. schools. I like the format you have suggested. I am writing my personal essay right now. I know what I am going to write, the only problem is I am not sure what a good start would be. Do you have a site where they have some samples as to how to start? Reply

Subject: Clinical Experience vs Volunteering
Jun 10, 2000
I have a question about volunteer work. I volunteered at a hospital with their meal assistance program and I'll be doing that again when I go back to the city for school. I've read that clinical experience is good, but I don't think I would be able to get involved with something like that. What type of clinical experience is helpful? I don't have a whole lot of free time - wouldn't more clinical experience be a job, not volunteer work? Reply

Subject: International Students Studying Medicine in Canada
May 17, 2000
My grandson has passed intermediate in first class. Intermediate in India is 10+2 years of schooling. He has also passed the EMCAT, an entrance test for medicine. I want him to come to Canada and study medicine. Will you please advise me in this regard? Reply

Subject: Homeopathic Practioner immigrating to Canada
Apr 26, 2000
I am immigrating to Canada soon. I would like to know if my degree in homeopathic medicine makes me eligible for a postgraduate course in allopathic medicine. Reply

Subject: Getting in after three years of undergrad
Apr 26, 2000
I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about UBC. I moved away from BC in July (with my family - it wasn't my choice to come here). I really want to move back to BC and I'd really like to go to UBC if I can. What's the PBL curriculum like, how's the university, etc. I'm planning on applying to get in after 3 years. I see from your website that you got in after 3 years. From the stats it seems pretty difficult to get in without a degree, but what type of things could I do to make it (even remotely) possible? Reply

Subject: Group Interviews
Apr 26, 2000
Hi! I am looking for info Re: group interviews. What is that all about? Reply

Subject: US High School student Seeking Canadian Med
Apr 26, 2000
I am a high school student here in America. I was wondering if you knew anything about the American and Canadian guidelines for practicing medicine. I want to go to school up in Canada but I am afraid that I will not be able to move down here to be a doctor as easy as I want to. I am an American citizen but I have someone that I want to be with in Toronto. Reply

Subject: Non-Traditional Applicant to Med School
Apr 26, 2000
I am a non-traditional student who has recently returned to school full-time to pursue a degree in zoology. My path thus far has not been the standard one. For this reason, as well as my age (30), I have been somewhat apprehensive about pursuing admission to medical school. I was wondering if you had information about any special hurdles facing a non-traditional student who wishes to apply to medical school. I was interested to know if there were any potential problems that you know of regarding non-Canadian students. Reply

Subject: American Students attending Canadian Schools
Apr. 26, 2000
Hi I would like to attend medical school and am weighing all of my options. i am an American and live in the U.S. I would appreciate if you may be able to help me out on finding information for someone from the U.S. going to med school in Canada.Thank you very much for your time,and any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply

Subject: McMaster University MD Program
Feb 28, 2000
I have become interested in McMaster University's undergraduate MD programme; I am attracted by its use of problem based learning. Applicants are not required to write the MCAT and any undergraduate course of study is considered. I wonder if you are familiar with McMaster or its reputation? Reply

Subject: Guidance for High School Students
Feb 19, 2000
I was wondering if you have any info for someone entering high school but wanting to eventually take a medical direction. What I mean is, what subjects to gravitate towards or what credits would be more valuable when applying to schools. Reply

Subject: Dealing with a Failing Grade
Feb 12, 2000
I am currently a final year medical student. I am currently in a tough situation in that I have to face re-sits this summer because of failures in some of the exams I took in the final year. I was wondering if you ever had to cope with failure in medical school- and if you did, how did you deal with it.

At the moment, I feel that not only did I let my family, the medical school, and myself down...but my future patients. I sometimes feel that those medical students that are in my class that are in the top 10%, are going to be the best doctors (I always wished and worked hard for a position like this). However, I am on the other end of the class (%-wise) and am sorry for this. Remember the exams in the final year is not only about knowledge, but also clinical confidence. This is where I believe I lacked greatly. There were so many times when I have walked up to a patient at bedside and knew that I did not know enough.

I think this may have led to burying myself in books too much in the clinical years..and this may be a direct result of my failure in internal medicine and surgery. I am sure that there were no failures in your year, but in mine...I am probably going to be the only one. My future for residency applications as a result of my mistakes will not look too bright either...Reply

Subject: Suitability of Interviews as an Admissions Criterion?
Feb 12, 2000
Reading through your website I found your point about medical admission committees being interested in candidates with a wide range social experience interesting. I agree that interviews are a good idea when it comes filtering out the weirdos, and the ultra-arrogant. However, I belive that interviews open up doors to a great deal of bias, and allows the admission committee to control in an unjust manner just who gets into medical school.

I have a friend whom I felt was more than qualified to enter med school - and to say that he did not have a wide range of social skills would be doing him a great dis-service, but he did not get in. I know people who are highly unsuitable who get in. I believe that interviews, as a one off thing are not a very good way of selecting the 'right' kind of people to be doctors. I believe that 60 minutes (or however long the interviews are) should not determine someone's life, and it does not allow the admission committe to understand the individual enough to make such important decisions. We must remember that interview responses can be rehearsed and I have personally been invited by people who are willing to pay me 50 dollars an hour teaching their children how to handle interviews. Signed...A Medical Student Reply

Subject: UBC Med vs. U of Calgary Med?
Jan. 31, 2000 (continuation of previous e-mail from Jan 28)
Thanks a lot for all the advice. I am also a student at UVic. I've joined the MEDDENT club at UVic, which informed me of your website. I don't know if you've heard of it but one of the guys that's in charge of the organizing seems to know you.
I'm not quite sure where I want to go to Med School at.

It's kind of a toss up between UBC and U of Calgary. I hear that the acceptance percentage at UBC seems to be quite a bit higher than U of C so I'm thinking of maybe staying at UVic instead of transferring to U of C. But Vancouver seems so big and I'm a small town girl so I don't know if I could get used to living there. Once again, thank-you for all your advice. I was kind of losing confidence, but now I feel a lot better. Reply

Subject: Chances of Acceptance after a shaky first year?
Jan. 28, 2000
I just viewed your website for the first time and I must say it's absolutely amazing and even more amazing that you took all that time to do that for all us students. I know that grades are quite important for getting into med school and unfortunately I had a really bad first year and only managed to get a C+ average. However now I am pulling A- average. I was unsure at first about trying for medicine, I just didn't have the determination first year. Being homesick and everything else didn't help much either.

I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to whether I should maybe just try something else or if I still have hope. I'm in such regret for how poorly I did last year because I feel like it's cost me my future. People say that grades aren't the most important thing, but it is what determines whether or not I even get to write the MCAT. I've re-done some of the courses that I did poorly in last year, and I'm still taking mostly first year courses this year. I don't want to give up, but I don't want to hit a dead-end road Reply

Subject: Worthwhile to Apply after Third Year?
Jan. 25, 2000
Hi, I am currently in my third year at UVic....I have been getting all kinds of different courses (including the medical prerequisites). The question that I have is this, would you recommend applying as a third year student, or, would you recommend getting an undergraduate degree first? I have heard that getting an undergraduate degree really helps out your application but, I can't help but feel like I am just taking filling courses.

I guess the other question that I have to ask is, what kind of GPA do you need applying as a third year student? Do you have to have a much higher mark than other applicants. I feel very confident about the interview but, I must tell you...the MCAT is really scaring me. How would you recommend studying for the MCAT, and how long prior to the test did you start studying? I realize that you are probably really busy, and I must say that I really appreciated being able to look at your homepage! I think that is awesome that you are taking the time to create a resource for other students who are in my situation....thank you! Reply

Subject: American Students applying to Canadian Med Schools
Jan. 19, 2000
Hi Ian- please help me to apply to US med schools. I am doing undergrad in Biomed Eng. I want to take the MCAT in april this year. I am a resident of new york city. My cumulative GPA is 3.25. I am a female. Do you think I should try at McGill university which I think is the only Canadian med school accepting students from the US? What advice do you give me for admission to med school? Reply

Subject: Graduate programs in Canada
Dec.16, 1999
I have graduated as a doctor from Alexandria University, Egypt. I am immigrating to Canada within few months and I need your help to recommend the suitable post grad. program that fits me knowing that I am planning to get my PhD from Canada. Please review my case and reply. Reply

Subject: American Students attending UBC
Dec. 14, 1999
I just wondered about UBC med school. I am originally from Vancouver, but grew up and attended school in Oregon. I am looking at the possibility of applying to UBC (depending on my eligibility as a resident and the specific course requirements, such as biochem). I hope that your term went well. It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself there. Reply

Subject: Financial Planning for Medical School
Dec. 14, 1999

My brother is a Canadian Permanent Resident and is having the hardest time getting a student loan to go to medical school (both US/Canadian banks). He is trying for a loan of $100,000. Do you have any pointers we could use? Reply

Subject: MCAT weighting by UBC
Dec. 1, 1999
Can you tell me how UBC rates MCAT? Would having a high or low score make any difference to the admissions committee as long as I passed their minimum score requirements? In other words, is MCAT used as part of the selection criteria? Reply

Subject: Preparation for the Interview
Oct. 28, 1999
I am just curious, in your opinion, what constitutes an outstanding interview? What can I do to prepare myself so I'll be able to have outstanding interviews when I apply to medical school? Reply

Subject: Entering a Canadian Medical School as an International Student
Oct. 28, 1999
I have passed high school graduation & passed EAMCET. ie MEDL entrance test from India. Can I get admission in any of the medical schools in Canada? Reply

Subject: Thanks for the web-site!
Oct.23, 1999

I think this web site is very well done and has been very helpful. Reply

Subject: Why do research?
Oct.11, 1999 (continuation of previous e-mail from Oct. 8)
I still believe that my research experience will help out in my application to med school. It tells the people doing the choosing that I have a better outlook on medical issues. If I do graduate work, it will be because I want to, but also because my boss will pay for it if I do it part-time. Can't say no to that.

...even though I've heard different, I can't believe that the admissions committees look at an English BA (which is what I am working on part-time) the same way they would look at someone with a BScReply

Subject: Listing of Canadian Med Schools
Oct.8, 1999

Do you have a list of Canadian Universities with Medical Programs available. I am specifically interested in Ontario schools. Do you think having a graduate degree will be advantageous when applying? Reply

Subject: Top Canadian Med Schools
Oct. 8, 1999
In your opinion, what are the top 5 schools in Canada and what should I be looking for in a med school? Reply

Subject: Autobiographical Essay
Sept. 20, 1999
Can you elaborate further on your beliefs regarding the autobiographical essay? Reply

Subject: Autobiographical Essay
Sept 12, 1999
I was wondering if you could give me a little info about the autobiographical sketch that we have to write. Do you recommend that we cover many of the big activities that we have accomplished or maybe just focus on that one activity that we felt made a huge difference? Reply