Premed and Medical School Links and Resources:
Last edited October 22, 2001

The ability to solicit opinions from diverse sources is the true power of the internet so make use of these links. You'll discover that the people who created these web-pages may give conflicting advice, but you should view this as exposure to the entire range of actions and choices that may still result in an acceptance letter. Why be a medi-clone when you could be different and stand out?

General Guides for Canadian School Admissions

Medical Admissions Advisory Page:
University of Alberta medical student Sean Winters' advice page on admissions. Has links to the official web-sites of all 16 Canadian medical schools.

Canuck Medical School Help Page:
McGill graduate John Po describes his successful application to US medical schools as a Canadian student.

The UWO Premed Pub:
Lawrence Korngut's Premed Pub at the University of Western Ontario, freshly moved from its former location at Queen's University. Lots of info within.

The UWO Interview FAQ:
Frequently Asked Questions regarding UWO's selection criteria's and interview background.

The MCAT and Premed Info Page :
Here's an oldie that recently resurfaced after closing down and changing domain names. Tony Carlsen's website was one of the first dedicated Canadian premed websites on the internet.

Caribbean Medical Schools - A Guide for Canadians:
Asad Raza's information page on attending medical schools in the Caribbean. An additional link here.

Shari's Canadian Pre-med Page:
Shari Green's web-page should really go under the links section, but this Canadian Advice section is rather sparse!'s Canadian Medical School Advice Forum:
An interactive forum, requiring registration to post and reply to messages. You can browse old messages as a guest without registering.

Ontario Pre-Med and Pre-Dent Page:
Debbie Leung is a first year medical student at the University of Ottawa, and contributes her experiences as a U of Toronto undergrad student.

PreMedicine and PreDentistry:
Jeffrey Shum's successful account of application into medicine/dentistry as an Ontario student.

General Guides for US School Admissions

The Applicant's Advocate:
Dave Sacco's interview tips are particularly handy.

The MedGuide:
The must-see MedGuide prepared by Erick Santos.

Alex' Illicit Guide to Medical School Admissions:
Alex Shteynshlyuger's openly honest and thorough web-site detailing the major aspects of admissions, including the often neglected mental mindset component of becoming a doctor.

Michael Greger's Advice to Medical School Applicants:
Michael Greger's "obscenely successful" MD/PhD application with GPA <3.5 and zero clinical experience. Here's how... Also check out Mike's page as a newly graduated MD here.

The Premedical and Medical School Admissions Guide :
Eric Wang's very comprehensive guide to medical school admissions.

Medical School Admissions Web Page:
John Schnabel, a current medical student from MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, and a former member of that school's admissions committee gives his thoughts on the admissions process.

How I got into Med School:
Andy Greenshield's advice advocate as an atypical applicant. :)

Med Way:
Kevin Day's information resource on admissions. In particular, I like the sections on the MCAT and other links.

Applicant's guide to Medical School:
A double webpage containing a great deal of information through the entire spectrum of the application process.

Amherst College Guide for Premedical Students:
This page contains a very thorough timeline with information that applies to all premeds.

University of Georgia Premedical Career Guide:
Another complete timeline website showing when each admissions component need completion. Definitely go see this website.

The Essential Guide to Pre-Medical Education at UCCS:
Another web-page with a detailed timeline of the necessary hoops to jump for every pre-med beginning at the undergraduate level.

College and Medical School Admission from
The authors have presented a complete web-site from high school to med school including some links I haven't seen elsewhere.

Stafford Family Home Page:
Take a look at To Lift up my Life a Trifle by Dr. Bruce Stafford, an osteopathic physician who graduated at 52 years.

A.E.D.'s Guide to Health Professional Schools:
Seton Hall's web-site has a pre-med time-line, some MCAT advice, and a very thorough description of other health care professions.

The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions for the Usenet newsgroup, accessible through

The Osteopathic (DO degree) Premed FAQ
The answers to the Frequently Asked Questions for people wishing to pursue a Doctor of Osteopathic (DO) degree.

Allopathic (M.D.) versus Osteopathic (D.O.) Medical Schools
An editorial authored anonymously by someone with experience in both streams of education.

Pfizer Medical School Manual:
I'm still puzzling over why Pfizer constructed this web-site. Nevertheless, it's a very informative read, compiling some novel information.

The Optomist's Guide to Medical School Admissions:
Richard Montgomery's web-site containing a medical admissions time-line and MCAT advice.

Advice for the Medical School Applicant:
Pediatrician Rob Gillespie gives his thoughts on admissions.

Mom, M.D.:
Sethina Edwards' unique web-page devoted to mothers at any area of the medical spectrum, from premeds to practicing physicians.

Ron's Premedical Advice Site:
Spanish major Ron has posted a personal summary of the secondary applications that he's received from AMCAS medical schools. The colour of the text and backgrounds make it a little tough to read, so try highlighting it with your mouse.

The Med School Application Process:
Bronson Terry's detailed acceptance/rejection page.
Distinctive web-page with several pieces of solid anecdotal advice for pre-med and med students alike.

Survival Guide:
University of Scranton's useful guide outlining the necessary timelines for undergraduate premed students.

Getting into Medical School As an Older, Nontraditional Student:
Mike Grasso's web-site as a Computer Science PhD holder entering medical school.

Eddie's Guide to getting into Med School:
Eddie's Guide scores big in the "ugly" column, but he presents genuine advice that I found invaluable.

Columbia University Premedical Postbaccalaureate Program:
Check the Premed Brochure link for admissions information, and the Premed Association link for additional links.

Arizona Pre-med Information Online:
Robert Bonilla's "under construction" web-page covering the spectrum of medical admissions.

General Information for Pre-Medical Students:
Purdue University web-page with a short timeline and selection variables for admission.

MB&B Undergraduate Information:
I don't know what MB&B means, but this web-page has a short time-line for pre-med and graduate students.

How to get into CWRU med school:
Eiran's very (very!) short blurb on admissions, reinforcing my belief in the crapshoot theory.

You can get into Medical School
Sanford Brown's commercial web-site promoting the above book gives out some free chapters that you can browse.

Medical Scholars Honor Society:
What looks to be a rather self-serving commercial web-site has a useful questions and answers forum.

The Last Minute MCAT Crammer:
There's a pre-med timeline, and on-line counselling in Ben Ourmazdi's otherwise commercial web-site.

General Guides for International Medical School Admissions

Medical Schools:
Aldo Campana's compilation of international medical schools, last updated in summer 1999.

Medical Schools World Wide:
A listing of medical schools around the world.

The Internet Medical School Directory
Richard Bowyer's attempt to provide links to all international medical schools on the web, as of 1997.

WHO Listing of International Medical Schools
This is probably the most comprehensive list of them all, supplied in Microsoft Word format. Note that the information is out of date for many of the Canadian schools.

Handbook For Prospective Medical Students:
Well, to be honest, I'm absolutely desperate for non-US links, although I've not looked through this page at all.

Specific Aspects of Medical Schools Admissions

Pre-med Myths: An open letter to aspiring doctors from an emergency medicine resident:
A discussion of 27 major pre-med myths by Michael McCullough, MD. This web-site should not be missed!

Advice for Pre-meds:
Becky Liddicoat's opinions on selecting a major.

Mike Smith's Home Page:
Class of 2003 at Case Western Reserve med student Mike Smith shows his personal essay. Take heed of the advice above the essay!

MCAT Practice Questions:
A voluminous web-site by Ken Evans devoted to defeating the MCAT. I don't know the source of these practice questions, so I'd take them with a grain of salt.

#1 Premed Advisor:
A very thorough web-page of the admissions interview.

The Interview Feedback Forum:
Graham Redgrave's incredible web-site displaying questionnaires submitted by past pre-medical interviewees from North American medical schools. A must see!

Interview Questions:
Here's 197 interview questions generated by 2 University of Western Ontario medical students.

The WritingWeb:
Commercial site with some tips on completing the written application.

Links Pages (less original information)

Brad's Premed Resource Center:
Brad Bragg's premed links list is the most complete one I've seen on the internet.

Peripheral Brain:
An excellent selection of clinical and premedical links from Kent Willyard, MD.

Goshen College Pre-Med Club:
This Premed Club main page has a Web-Links page with a huge stash of links for med school admissions.

Hunter Premed Science Times at - PREMED.EDU:
Hunter College's haphazardly listed, but very thorough list of links.

The Medical Education Page:
Greg Allen's links page includes the web-pages of many, if not all, of the US medical schools.

Health and Medicine:
From Power-Links Online, a jumping off point to resources for premed, and med students alike.

Bucknell University's Premed links:
Another links page, notably with links to managed health care and its reforms.

The Student Committees on PreMed Education:
Many premed and MCAT resource links.

A Few Good Links...Medical Sites:
Jason Moser's list of premedical and medical links.

Medical Information - Premed and General:
Deborah Millet's page has links for mailing lists and medical journals.

VOLC-R: Medical Schools:
A seemingly random collection of links to North American medical schools.

KU Premed Online:
University of Kansas Premed Club, but it doesn't have a great number of links, and most of them are duplicates easily found elsewhere.

Medical School Advice:
A minimal collection of links that spill into other links pages.

Aabena's Pre-med Page:
Aabena Ash's page including links to Usenet and Mailing Lists.

AED Links
Some medical links, including the Visible Human Project, but not much pre-med content.