High School Students considering a Medical Career
Last edited October 20, 2001

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The following handout was created by members of the UBC medical class of 2003, as a handout to high school students in the Vancouver area. This was part of an outreach program by the UBC HSSA (Health Sciences Student Association) in an attempt to guide interested students towards a career in health care.

Getting into Medical School: The Prerequisites:

By Ka Wai Cheung, Jennifer Oates, Ian Wong, and Michelle Wong: UBC Class of 2003

High School:



Has four testing components, using multiple choice questions except for the essay section.

1) Physical Sciences:

Tests both Physics, and Inorganic Chemistry.

2) Verbal Reasoning:

You must read short essays/passages, and then are tested on their contents. The passages may be based on topics that you have never covered in university.

3) Written Sample:

You are given two topic sentences and write separate essays on each topic.

4) Biological Sciences:

Tests Biology, Biochemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

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