My Answers to some common Premed Questions
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UBC is a wonderful school to study medicine; it's certainly in my opinion to be one of the top five in Canada based on reputation, and matching into residencies.

You should really visit the UBC Med web-site, which contains the answers to your BC resident status. The web-site can be found at: UBC Med Web-Site

I've copied and pasted the residency requirements below. Please note that these stipulations could change from year to year, so it's best to visit the UBC site for the most current guidelines.

A resident is defined as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who:

has lived continuously in BC for twenty-four (24) fullmonths immediately prior to the application deadline; or,

has attended secondary school (grades 8 to 12 inclusive) in British Columbia, or attended for a minimum of three (3) years and had a permanent home in BC; or

has attended a university in BC within the last five (5) years for at least two (2) years;

or was born in BC and attended a minimum of five (5) years of school in BC. The applicant must have resided in BC for at least one year in the last ten (10) unless the applicant has been living and working overseas on a work visa, or with the Armed Forces, having been a resident in BC prior to entering the Armed Forces; or

has attended residential secondary school (grades 8 to 12 inclusive) in BC, even if permanent home is inanother province; or

has been a resident in BC for five (5) years at any time for any reason and has resided in BC for at least one year in the last ten (10); or

is a resident under the same terms of the Yukon or NW Territories.

An applicant is not considered a resident of BC if he/she: is over 19 years of age, has never lived in BC, but parents have moved to BC; or

moved to BC, attended less than four (4) years of secondary school, and then moved to complete a degree or work outside the province.

Applicants who fall outside these criteria, and who feel their circumstances are not "captured", may request, in writing, individual consideration. In 1999, five (5) out-of-province candidates were offered admission. None accepted our offer.

As for biochem, that one you'll want to write/e-mail to the admissions folks. However, as the application deadline for med school this year just closed, those poor folks are drowning in administrative paperwork. I suggest you hold off on e-mailing them until mid-January, when things might have settled slightly.

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