My Answers to some common Premed Questions
Last edited July 31, 2001


I believe Mac has a noted bias towards Ontario residents. You'll find it to be quite difficult to enter if you are an out-of-province applicant. My advice would be to contact the Mac admissions office, and ask them how the medical school seats are apportioned with respect to provincial residency.

I suspect Mac probably has Science requirements, although I did not apply there, and don't have much knowledge of their admissions process. I only applied to schools in the western provinces, and everything I know about Mac is hearsay. I consider it reliable hearsay, but this is your future we're talking about, so some research on your behalf is indicated! :) Check with the admissions office.

I do know for a fact that Mac likes the older, well-rounded applicants with life experience. One constraint of a three-year program is that you really look for applicants that have the drive, stamina, and determination to survive an shorter, more intense program. For that reason, they like the older applicants. Most students accepted at Mac tend to have traveled in their past.

A difficulty you may face is that Mac receives a great number of applications each year, since the admissions requirements are much looser. However, the final selected class certainly has all the qualifications that you would expect, and so Mac can be extremely competitive because of the increased number of applicants. You asked about how I'm finding school life. Well, I'm loving medical school at the moment, and studying this stuff, while draining, just feels right.

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