My Answers to some common Premed Questions
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Actually, all of the people who are running the MEDDENT Club this year were my class-mates and friends last year. They seem to be doing a great job of getting people informed about the admissions process.

I think Calgary has a lot going for it as a university. The city is great, the medical students there were extra-ordinarily friendly, and the ace in the hole is Adele Meyers, the amazing lady in charge of U of Calgary admissions. She is quite possibly the most friendly, and personable admissions lady in the world. :) However, Calgary also has an intense three year med school program that runs eleven months out of the year for all three years. That's a long time of intensive work, and I think the knowledge retention and understanding, at least for me, is greater in a traditional four-year program like at UBC.

Furthermore, I was told by the students when I interviewed there in Spring 1999 that they would be cutting down the number of seats allotted for out-of-province applicants, effective next year. As a result, it will be tougher this year to gain an acceptance letter at U of Calgary unless you have Alberta resident status. The rumor at the time was that the number of out of province seats would be cut from around 35 places down to 12-15 spots. You should check the U of Calgary web-site, and inquire to them as to the residency requirements and all that other jazz. You can find a link to their site via my Links page, by going to Sean Winters' site. He's got the links to all 16 medical schools in Canada.

Unfortunately for you, medical schools are only found in large urban centers. :( With that said, Calgary is several times larger in population than Victoria, so if you're going to go to a medical school, you'll face culture shock whether you end up in Calgary or Vancouver. And it's a lot warmer and greener here! :) Finally, UBC med school is a lot of fun. The teachers are wonderful, as are the staff members and my class-mates. I'm enjoying myself immensely more here than I did in undergrad, although I do like the Victoria campus and city more than UBC and Vancouver.

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